Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday beauty

Every time I come across this photo in fashion research, I catch my breath anew. I cannot help wishing it will one day be painted in all its glory by the hand of an artist with the ability to capture all the texture and depth represented both the photo and the subject.

Michelle Obama in Vogue.


Marsha said...

My word, but she's lovely. She's also a wee bit older than me and thus serves as an inspiration in a number of areas. The fact that she has a good amount of help in the Looking Good While Working Hard department doesn't deter me, it merely prompts me to make better use of the help that's available to me.

pve design said...

I love the strength and grace she exudes.
What a stunning color and pose.
Bless her.

sle said...

You are certainly on target with this post. She is very lovely and the gown is beautiful, the color and style.

little augury said...

Love the color palette,pose a slight very slight glint of a smile would make it perfect.

Arabella said...

I had this issue when it came out, loved the colors and dress. She does look rather tense though.