Monday, November 23, 2009

I laughed. Then I cried.

I regularly discover things at inappropriate times, with regard to everything and everyone. I cannot possibly ask a battery of questions of each new person I meet, nor can I be expected to climb through a fireplace vent and discover what lies within. Or who, for that matter.

The gas fireplace and blower were blasted into life yesterday which damned to hell a legion of stink bugs making quarters in the vent, I can only surmise. I don't know if you have ever incinerated 1000 stick bugs in your gracious living room just before Sunday dinner but I tell you, at least you can stop ogling Grannies new novelty turkey sweater for a few and snap shots of some truly surprised guests.

Yes, I am sure am sorry you missed it too. It was better, and more unexpected than blowing up a fried turkey. Everyone does that now, no big thing, right? But this was spectacular folly.

This is exactly the reason there is a Thanksgiving run-through around here, to work all the bugs out, which has new meaning now.

Alright, so, whatever. It happens. In Bedford where I was raised, the hostess would not let on anything was wrong while her white knuckles wrapped around her glass stem belying her fury at Luis who obviously failed to double check every last thing everywhere. Did they have a sense of humor, or irony? This is Blushing's living room, after all. I laughed for a good five minutes, tears streaming down my cheeks.

Get the champagne, I said when I finally recovered. Fast. Then: No, no, it's for me.

Seriously, I laugh every time I think of it.

Never let them see you sweat, but be sure they know you can laugh.


Nancy @ Live love laugh said...

So funny-or so not-funny?! Very cute story, though! Usually the way I feel, after the feast, when I find the one vegetable I left to warm in the oven. Have a Happy Thanksiving!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I adore a hostess with a grand sense of humor. My mom use to apologize so much with every meal for this or that, that I find now I do it too. I need to adopt your "tude" and make sure there is always champagne on the table & my vents are bug free! Great story, & thanks for sharing. A perfect Thanksgiving to you & yours ~ deb

LPC said...

My new motto: "Never let them see you sweat, but be sure they know you can laugh." Priceless.

thepreppyprincess said...

Oh Miss Hostess, there's no alternative to letting go and laughing, otherwise the hostess and everyone else would be clutching their cocktail with *extreme* angst, and that would be no fun at all.

You are such a delight, we love this story. And this way all the little critters are taken care of before Thanksgiving.

Sending you a smile,

PS: Your post about a child and their reaching out to the gentle eyes of a horse almost made me cry, it was just beautiful.

Kate said...

Cute, I cannot imagine that many stink bugs in the area and I can only imagine the surprise and the look on your face. I, also would have asked for the champagne! Hope it helped just a little!

I happened on your blog this evening and have been scrolling your sense of humor! If you have an opportunity, stop by and visit me.