Friday, October 16, 2009

Hostess style: Now I lay me down to sleep

I am not saying I pray Valentino will never fade away. Because that would be shallow. And bad. And just plain wrong.

I ask for the usual stuff: Health of my baby girls, family, friends. Safety, prosperity, happiness, inner peace, positive relationships with deity's (but not dark ones), racial equality, inoculations and food for babies everywhere. That He (or She - 'cause what do I know?) is looking after Addie Burt because where ever he is right now, he is not doing the right thing. Sick people. That the highway department will fix the pot hole on 121 because it is super huge. Check. Check...

By now, He (She?) is probably thinking, holy crap! Go to sleep already!

So, when I occasionally also slip these words into my long list of things to protect and be thankful for before I sleep...

...and please make sure nothing ever, ever happens to Valentino, okay?

I am willing to take the chance I will take a write-down in purgatory.

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little augury said...

You are so sweet and so Right to pray for V.'s health and welfare. These are worshipworthy. The green dress holy cow &-the blue color is as seen on the Madonna (the Real Madonna)