Sunday, October 4, 2009

For guests (and dirty stay-outs)

May I introduce to my new objects of thoughtfulness?


includes two or four of each of the following:

Anti-Bacterial towelette
Deodorant towelette for Women
Eyes & Lips Makeup Remover towelette
Hydrating Lotion towelette
Lens Cleaning towelette
Makeup Remover towelette
Minty Mitt (Dental Finger Mitt)
Nail Polish Remover pad
Shoe Shine towelette

add it to this...

and your guest is covered for anything they might need. Fabulous for a wedding welcome bag, your travel kit, even fits in your clutch... should you happen to find yourself not at home, or something.


The Countess of Nassau County said...


I've used several of their products for travel and been very pleased with all of them.

Stephanie said...

I hadn't tried these yet - will definitely check them out - thanks for the tip!

Jess said...

Fabulous! What a lovely idea!!