Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hostess style: Taking camel to the party

Flipping through Harpers in the hair salon while waiting for the teensiest little bit of bleach to take (eye of the beholder, People: so what if it came in a gallon sized bowl?), I was stuck for a few minutes on this photo. Not that Tommy does anything for me, but it reminded me that my camel hair coat needs a new lining.

I dread new linings now that I no longer work on Seventh Avenue, where the mighty tailors of the district could knock one magnificent lining out of the park of a lunch hour with one hand while eating macaroni with the other. Tailors on the outside look at you like: Get with it, no one does this anymore. This is a throw-away culture, go charge yourself a new one and pay for it for five years.

Not so fast. I love that coat, bought it eight years ago in London and of all the other camel-hair jobs I have ever seen, it is still the best and sleekest. And sleek is key in this game because camel hair can get a bit overwhelming, thick, and bunchy.

Nonetheless, in that very state, it still has provided iconic images.

Though, I like mine to look less mannish, have smaller or no lapels, and I want a finer weave with baby hair. Not so mans-overcoat-y.

Still, I considered it, if only to wonder what it might look like this season:

Ralph, Darci baby camel hair wrap coat, and is about the only stylish one out there. Believe me, I have looked.

And here is my complaint: With all these capes all over the place, why can I not find a clean-lined camel hair (or even camel color) cape? Like this, only in camel:

All the buttons, maybe? Maybe not? Slap some gorgeous tiger-eye buttons on this in baby camel, and I promise, I will make a believer out of you. Elizabeth & James.

I have seen it around though, I really like it as it was photographed for Real Simple, only their magazine tells me it is $695 not $395. Confusing. I digress.

The closest I have found is this, though I am not purchasing it... it's a little too Batman.

Isabella Oliver

In conclusion: Camel styling. Totally abysmal this year. Check it out here, here, and here.

Camel hair cape: Non-existent. Shame. Would have been great with these styles...

Oliver Peoples

Loeffler Randall

Joie, OTK

Time to start scouring vintage resources.


little augury said...

So true- still one of my winter favorites. I need to revamp my camel hair coat about 25 years old now, & getting it right means -procrastinating,who do I trust to do it well? And what about navy-love that-virtually non existent. Wonderful(x2) post.GT

~Tessa~Scoffs said...

I've got a loden green (Eddie Bauer) camel hair cape I picked up in a thrift shop years ago. San Diego doesn't require much in the form of coats so for me, the cape is just the thing for winter.

Bonjour Madame said...

The camel wrap and black cape are so beautiful. The camel color does not work with my skin tone so I admire it from afar.

LPC said...

My mother has a camel hair cape. From London. Probably 20 years old...And I have relined my black cashmere coat. From Bergdorf's, 30 years old:). That stuff, when it's good quality, really can live on.

Fabulous Finds Gal said...

You nailed it, darling. I'm a vintage clothing dealer, so I say keep your old love and give it a bit of love. Oh... I still regret getting rid of a vintage cape that was black and white faux fur. What the heck was I thinking? Good luck, my dear.
Fabulous Finds Gal


fashionable palette said...

Thank you so much for the comment. Wow, you worked for Donna Karan? That's amazing! She is such a wonderful designer. Anyway, you have a beautiful blog. I love the Loeffler Randall boots.

Alkemie said...

Oh I LOVE the very tall camel colored OTK boots. *drool*

Karen Olivia :)

Sweet Dreams Preppy said...

I have a vintage camel hair cape that belonged to my mother - circa 1968. A new lining is exactly what it needs!!! Good luck on your search!

tanner25 said...

such fun ideas...I hope I win a label!