Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Michelle Obama to roll out the welcome mat in Pittsburgh

Politics Daily has announced the plans thus far for the spouses of the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh at the end of September. This will mark Michelle Obama's opening adventure into her role as the first hostess of the United States:

-- She will preside over a private dinner for spouses at Teresa Heinz Kerry's Rosemont Farm. Mrs. Kerry is the wife of Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), but her first husband, who was killed in a plane crash in 1991, was Sen. John Heinz (R-Pa.). Earlier this year, Mrs. Kerry hosted a luncheon at her Washington, D.C., home to welcome to town Mrs. Obama and her mother, Marian Robinson.

Since Rosemont is a real farm, watch for this site to fit into Mrs. Obama's healthy eating and White House garden initiatives.

-- Mrs. Obama, who has already hosted a jazz and a country music event at the White House, will take the spouses to the Creative & Performing Arts School in Pittsburgh to introduce them to students who study dance, music, acting, writing and other creative arts.

-- Mrs. Obama will host a lunch at The Andy Warhol Museum. Warhol was raised in Pittsburgh.
BHE, naturally, is on the edge of her seat, wine glass in hand, and will follow up enthusiastically.


little augury said...

this is exciting, great news flash I love the idea of her using the organic and White House grown for entertaining with. la

Summer Wind said...

I live in Pittsburgh, and anxiously waiting to see what all of this press does to our city!

Kellie Collis said...

She is one fabulous woman!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

exciting for me having grown up and gone to school in Pittsburgh (CMU). Warhol also was a Carnegie Mellon that museum!