Saturday, July 11, 2009

RIP: Robert Isabell, Renown Event Planner

The first and greatest event planner, Robert Isabell, whose work I was lucky to have experienced, died today. He touched the lives of many with beauty and artistry, and quietly stood by for a million celebrations and momentous events. There was not a Kennedy, Miller, Lauder, or notable museum who did not entrust their most important fete's to his capable, gifted hands. He made CFDA an event to remember and he will be missed everywhere gowns swoosh and glasses clink.

If you do not recognize his work at first, maybe the brides photos will be familiar.

Photos: Vogue, Brides: Carolyn Bissette Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece (Marie-Chantal Miller).


tartanscot said...

oh my. that is SO sad to hear.

Noelle Collette said...

I just learned that he was from my home town of Duluth, Minnesota. What an amazing artist. The world is always a better place when beauty abounds.