Monday, July 13, 2009

Not just for weddings

I was awestruck by these cakes featured in Charleston Weddings and wish they had occurred to me six years ago. While they are featured in the local wedding magazine, it seems we, as a society here, serve cake on every occasion, not exclusively for weddings (the same is true of punch and canapes, but that is another day). It is refreshing the decorators took these cakes to a new, entirely sophisticated and clean level by doing ever so little to the cake and choosing instead to perfect the select sugar flowers. Magnificent, in my humble estimation. I will have the camellia...

Prices are included as a reference for those planning a wedding.

Confederate Jasmine.

The Camellia - just my style: Sleek, with fine, fast lines and a clean floral.

The Magnolia is beautiful but the unfortunate choice of adding leaves to the middle layer really did it no favors: More flowers, fewer leaves. The rusty factor of the real late-on magnolia could have been addressed in the sugar work as well and kept the cake neat and clean.

Prices, locally: Jasmine, $450. Camellia, $750. Magnolia, $1750.

Charleston Weddings, is a big, glorious mag worth a subscription for anyone planning events, anywhere.


Simply Mel said...

LOVE the magnolia! In fact, all of these cakes are simply beautiful!

Now my only qualm with wedding cakes is that they MUST taste good too!

Grace said...

Beautiful cakes! The magnolia is my favorite.

Jess said...

Thanks so much for stopping by The Finer Things! I'm looking forward to reading through your entries-- you have such a lovely sense of style!

P.S. -- I adore the magnolia cake-- so southern!

Kitty said...

really, really tasteful! i'll bet these go like hotcakes in the south! beautiful!