Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shoot up the flares, I'm lost again

Le sigh.

The Hostess is supposed to be over at Blushing Hostess giving the recipe for a Roasted Cippoline Rivera, a delish sauce to go with grilled summery meats and one thing led to another. I was over at Cote Sud ogling the Riviera maisons which are my destiny to occupy in my pre-planned stylish old-agedness, and then I landed in Monaco, again. It must be a predestiny of another sort: I should go there? Leave now don't pack, right? Oh, Dear. I promised myself I would not be one of those Mothers standing in front of the flight board with the children rubbing my chin and saying, "Hmmm. That sounds like fun and it leaves in..."

Photos: Hermitage Hotel, Principality of Monaco


Julie said...

OH my take me with you. What a gorgeous place

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Oh, my, I would love to flop down on that bed and eat those tasties!