Sunday, June 21, 2009

Comments and Reader: The life blood of a blog

I have a couple of emails here from readers mentioning they do not know how to leave comments. As you know, I am always pleased to read your thoughts and lucky that blog pal Valerie at *Visual Vamp* has already generously discussed this topic here.

Secondly, you may not yet be aware of, or yet be comfortable using, the Google Reader function. There is a video tutorial here, and your initial set up will take you all twelve seconds once you begin a Google account. Reader will allow you to follow blogs as a subscriber by a feeder and will condense all the blog updates into one page for your easy perusal. I encourage you to use it as you would a table of contents to your favorite magazine or newspaper. If you wonder how the blog community manages to read and track one another seemingly up-to-the-minute, Google Reader is the tool of the trade: Leave it open in a tab on your browser (Explorer, Firefox, what have you) and it will update all the posts from your subscriptions immediately.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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