Monday, May 18, 2009

This seemed like a fun idea

I love the pretty green grid melamine plates from Target for the outdoors called Grid Green which are not on their site. They are like Grid Blue below but in citrine-y green. There were several pretty patterns in store when I was shopping for corgi sustinence and it seemed fun to highlight a couple for you. In going over their site though, I got myself into a quagmire of pretty outdoor plates. I made a valiant effort here while typing with one hand and feeding a baby with the other but really, there are dozens and you should have a look for yourself.

And just a side note, the Hostess finds plastic cups hideous but in some cases below, they were in the shot with something worth noting. One other note: Horchow, let's get real on the plastic plate thing, huh?

Zak Pazio

Whitewash Dragonfly

Floral Chocolate

Vine and Flower

Asian Floral

Grid Blue

Lime Flower





An Aesthete's Lament said...

Great fun!

Miss Amy said...

if anything could possibly make an outdoor summertime picnic happier, these place settings would be it!