Monday, May 25, 2009


I was lucky to be loitering at the spa yesterday (as a gift for being a deployment widow and really cool/ exhausted sister with two infants), and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Did I feel like a new Hostess! If you happen to be in Ponte Vedra, be sure you get there. They run all kinds of deals year round to make this very upscale spa accessible a couple of days a week so you have no excuse. If you are coming this way, sign up for their emails. Anyway...

It seems a good idea to review just a couple of take-away's etiquette-wise which might improve the environment (so hard won, for some of us) for all resort spa guests. Just little things, easy enough to get away from, but why not take the opportunity to improve on a lovely experience?

Mr. On-The-Phone-At-the-Spa-Pool: Unless your last name is Obama, your call is not critical enough to take in the zen-sphere. I do not care that you shot 118 this morning, Shankopotomous. You are the reason there are those no-cell signs on every wall in the place.

Miss Spread-Eagled-in-a-Bathing-Suit-on-a-Spa Lounger: The only place for that anywhere, ever, is in an exercise room. Contrary to your best guess, this kind of thing does not improve your tan. Also, it is not the greatest when you get plowed drunk on pina's and howl in response to every verbal cue.

I found great things while there, but I will separate these posts in order that your mind forms no relationship between the two. You don't have to thank me.


The Countess of Nassau County said...

Very funny.

Along a similar vein I was lucky enough to spend a day at the Canyon Ranch Spa at the Venetian some years back and Mr. On-The-Phone-At-the-Spa was there driving everyone nuts. In a incident that absolutely confirmed the existence of a higher power, a large women lost her footing entering the pool and unceremoniously flopped into the water, causing considerable water displacement, almost all of which landed on the offender and his phone. Thankfully he had a sense of humor about it and threw his now dead as doornail phone into a nearby fountain. We all clapped.

teaorwine said...

So very well put... let us be glad that the FAA continues to denounce cell phone usage on aircraft transporting the public. Can you only imagine every passenger strapped in while yacking away in-flight? :/

Shelly said...

Giggling here.
Someday, the stars will align, I will have a hot flash and carb crash all at the same time - I will walk up to a cel-yeller, take their phone away and politely hang up for them.
That's my dream.