Saturday, May 23, 2009

Impossibly chic design

In a lipstick tube. Yes, you just read that. You also missed my birthday. I'm just saying, is all. Coincidence? I think not.

Meet Rouge G de Guerlain Jewel Lipstick Compact designed by Lorenz Bäumer of the ultra exclusive Place de Vendome jewelry salon. The lipstick is a cool million less than it would cost to possess many of his other pieces.


Miss Amy said...

ahh. Place Vendome.... My absolute favorite place to stay in Paris. I love being right in the middle of it all. Within walking distance to art, gardens, culinary excellence...But a few steps in the opposite direction, and you're amongst local neighborhoods.... Such memories.... But back to the lipstick.... GORGEOUS! I wouldn't ever put it away. And last but not least, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Hope you relaxed with loved ones!

Blushing hostess said...

Many thanks! We ate good take out and went to bed by 7:30... new baby. What can you do.... Be well!