Thursday, April 16, 2009

Two New Crush Inductees

New Crush Hall of Fame Inductees: Commander Frank X. Castellano, USN, and Captain Richard Phillips, Captain, USS Maersk-Alabama, and in absentia, at least three Navy Seals who rescued Captain Phillips in a lifeboat where he was held captive by three Somali pirates.
To inaccurately paraphrase George Orwell: We sleep peacefully at night because brave men stand ready to do violence on our behalf.

Captain Phillips appears here for having the courage to offer himself as hostage in place of his crew of nineteen sailors hoping to garner them safe passage to their families while his fate hung in the balance. He is a courageous selfless hero. How do we make more of him and less Octomom?

Commander Frank X. Castellano is inducted for bringing to bear upon the Alabama's crisis the destroyer USS Bainbridge: For issuing the order which extracted Captain Phillips to sovereign United States territory aboard the Bainbridge, for turning the Bainbridge back en route to deliver Phillips to Kenya in order to face off in another hostage situation. Let's face it, his destroyer is sexy.

The Hostess apologizes with a hardy shrug of her shoulders to her Husband who is no doubt hoping he never reports to Commander Castellano.

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TreadUpon68 said...

"How do we make more of him and less Octomom?"

Amen to that!