Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Paperless gluttony

My blog reading list was getting is long as my arm. I practice blog subscription gluttony. Though I prefer to think of it as widespread support for free speech. Consequently, I get really behind at times but never give up trying to get to every brilliant one of my subscriptions. We should all have such a problem, I declare. Please allow me to share some new finds I adore and ask the obvious question of you which will inevitably place me even further behind.

Katy Elliot - textiles and interiors
PVE - design, art, inspired thought
Pigtown Design - design, art, shelter, inspired thought
Velvet and Linen - design, shelter
English Muse - inspirational bits
That Unreliable Girl - fabulous photography and so on
Daydream Lily - photos, fashion, thoughts
Desire to Inspire - shelter inspiration
House of Turquoise - you guessed it
A Gift Wrapped Life - artfully wrapped beauty
Old Long Island- photo documentation of the mostly-gone great houses of Long Island
Crazy Days and Nights - celeb gossip, guilty pleasure
Magnificent Bastard - menswear Q&A
The Trad - unerring traditional menswear
Joy the Baker - sumptuous food and recipes
Underhill Lounge - mixing the Savoy Cocktail Book end to end, fabulous photos

I'm pleased to add these distinguished thinkers to the BH Style blog roll today.

Now you know my interests. Do have suggestions for me?


Pigtown-Design said...

I am honoured to be included!

erik_flannestad said...

Goodness me, thanks for the compliment of being included on this list! Cheers!

Ms Unreliable said...

I too am a blog subscription glutton...and proud of it too! :D

Thank you for including me amongst such fine company

xx Kit