Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cherry blossom wedding

Photo: LA Times

Sharing with you now a very pretty wedding the Hostess attended in Washington D.C. on Cherry Blossom Weekend. The bride saw to a lovely marriage of her parents Korean culture and her minimalist American style and created a serene setting based on simplicity, cherry blossoms, and pussy willows. Nicely done with minimal waste and a light footprint on the environment. I took a lesson from it in these times.

Origami dinner napkins under votives served as centerpieces at cocktail hour. There could be a million colorful options for this. Great idea.

Colorful, healthy, attractive crudite.

The centerpieces could easily be a DIY, though these were not: Pussy willow in glass vase, river rocks, ribbon, water, votives, mirror.

Simple and pretty, not to mention a lighter impact on the earth than a huge forced flower arrangement.

From another angle. Still obsessing about how pretty they were in the light.

No clue what these cocktail nibbles were, evidently Asian inspired for the bride's family. Anyone?

Splurge on the tables was well selected: Jacquard table cloth in tonal browns. I wished there had been some color to play off this but there was not: Brown, coffee, and some cream in the river rocks in the centerpieces. The bridesmaids were also in brown.

Very pretty menus.


Pigtown-Design said...

would the desserts be some sort of lychee?

Laura [What I Like] said...

Looks like candy...marzipan by any chance? I do love thos menus...and the crudites were adorable!

LIMOM said...

I think the dessert is some sort of lychee. I've seen these before in NYC and I'm pretty sure that is what they are.

I'm never sure about mirrors as part of the table arrangement. Your thoughts?

Suzanne said...

Beautiful and sophisticated, you are right - a very thoughtful combination of the birde's heritage and taste. Restrained but in a most elegant way. I would love to have seen her dress! (i work in fashion too). Thank you - and the bride and groom - for sharing.

Blushing hostess said...

Hey there all. They were not sweet, nor were they really savory. Sort of tasteless like steamed white rice only the texture was completely new to me: like mush in a steamed wonton wrapper. Thank you for your comments!