Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Speaking of invitations... and chandeliers

I had this internal conversation with myself when I realized the chandelier invite was the hippest thing to hit paper since ink. It was pretty sharp and witty and went like this:

"Huh. That's a light fixture. A chandelier... On an invitation... Oh. There's another - two is a coincidence... Three is a ... trend. It's still a light fixture in the end... I don't know if I get it unless it were a house warming or an interior designers event... Some are really special though... Huh..." You're probably pretty into my stream of consciousness right now, and while it is no less riveting to possess it internally; all the can't-wait-for-my-next-genius-thought, we need to move on to the graphics...

The Hostess is for them, unabashedly. Light fixture - yes. But the greatest of all light fixtures and if you're going to put hardware on your invites then it should be the King of all comers.

Tell me what you think...

Blue silhouette, Papeterie

Marie Antionette, papernosh.com

Twinkling lights chandelier, myexpression.com

Chandelier, Bonnie Marcus
White and black Chandelier invite, whiteisle.com

Blue Chandelier, Inviting Company, available at mygatsby.com

Chandelier printable, SanLori available at paperstyle.com

Pink chandelier, Letterspace

Chandelier Black Russian, Wedding Paper Divas


Pigtown-Design said...

I've been using chandeliers in my designs for about 7 months now. They're just a classic.

How's the new one?

Anonymous said...

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