Monday, March 9, 2009

Secret Garden

Three Seasons of Beauty Garden, $110, Spring Hill

Every spring in each new place we've landed I begin a research procedure akin to a thesis on how the gardens will be preplanned and planted for the coming seasons. Lucky to enjoy the work and the blooming yield, and secondarily to have an endless array of flowers for arrangements, it has never been a chore. I know this is not a hobby for everyone, but keeping a lovely outdoor environment is truly a necessity for enjoying one's home and maintaining or increasing the value of the home.

Spring Hill Nurseries will ship you a stunning, long-flowering garden already planned and assorted by professionals for growing zone groups in a number of sizes and for a number of goals: Borders, shade, perennial, preferred color, and so on. They arrive to you with garden plan and planting instructions. Pre-planned gardens can be found here.

And right now, all orders are 50% off with the cover coupon up to $1000 of merchandise for $500 and they are, as you can see below, reasonable to start. There are 32 choices, here are just a few...

Foundation Sun Garden, $80

All Summer Blue Garden, $50

Complete Shade Garden, $80

Drought Tolerent Sun, $60

Full Circle Lampost Garden, $40

Naturalized Shade Garden, $110

Cottage Garden, $55

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