Friday, March 27, 2009

Dining by Design Table Installations Part 1 - Jose Cazzarola

Pier 94 in New York hosts both the Architectural Digest Home Design Show this week as well as the Dining By Design fundraising dinner for DIFFA (Design Industry Foundation Fighting AIDS). Yesterday I was lucky enough to be able to photograph the tables early when there was barely soul around.

I will review them in sets over the next few days as there are so many details to discuss and I am culling down more than 200 photos of these extraordinary dining installations set for dinner tonight. It was a wonderland of creative dining inspiration and I did not want Blushing readers to miss a high note. Some were not available for feeling and touching and I have guessed at the materials. Designers from the show reading are encouraged to correct and enlighten in the Comments area below their respective posts as most were not on hand to discuss inspiration or product orgin at the time I was viewing. Should you be in New York this weekend, the tables will be be available for viewing today as well.

The installation below was my absolute favorite, Midsummer Night's Dream, possibly. It is the work of absurdly talented Jose Cazzarola for Celebrate Flowers. It is worth a visit to their website both to see their amazing event design work as well as the ongoing sneak peeks at Jennifer Lopez's spa and Marc Anthony's office which are ammong the firm's ongoing projects.

The wooded glen mural behind is hand painted and surrounds the towering brightly hued mushroom canopy which seems to be painted fabric-covered sculpted foam. The underside is of shirred and pleated tonal fabrics. Glowing lights twinkle from the underside of the caps and finally the canopy was lit from ground up. It was otherworldly.

The tops of the toad stools are painted faux turf above more shaped mushroom stem bases. Chivari chairs were embellished with vines, moss, and leaves. The ground is of large bark mulch edged in live moss.

Below is the mushroom canopy. A twinkling butterfly visits this inspired paradise.

Can you see why Celebrate is the choice of many luxe party throwers and celebrities? I wish I was having dinner in this little oasis.

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