Sunday, February 1, 2009

Request: A society for the prevention of cruelty to the Hostess

Can a weekly centerpiece-constructing hostess get any more unlucky than this?

This adorable, perpetually napping night owl is our family cat, Lefty.

This was last week's centerpiece, I was still thinking it over when I went to bed that night... still smiling at the Rosenthal Laughing Bunny (he is totally hip).

And when I woke, the centerpiece, as it always is, was mangled. Lefty is a rose eater from way back.


Teacats said...

Four cats live and do evil deeds here at Rosemary Cottage. Folks often wonder why I turn to faux arrangements for my home ... but I simply reply that if they wish to plan, purchase and arrange flowers for my home -- they are certainly welcome to do so! BUT they must agree to clean up the mess when the flowers are nibbled, torn and dragged around the house and -- of course -- the additional mess after that awful gagging sound in the wee hours of the dawn from the culprits! Any fresh flowers must stay up on the mantel -- and are stored overnight in the garage because of those sneaky wee souls! Sigh. So far -- herbal arrangements still remain unaffected ... thank goodness!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Blushing hostess said...