Monday, February 16, 2009

Newport musings: Part 1

Researching a recent post on my pal Chandler in Newport, I took a moment to revisit some of my favorite things about Castle Hill and why, if I were hosting an event in Newport, Castle Hill Inn would be my first choice: As it also is for drinks on the hill, Sunday brunch, lunch and dinner; or for a place to celebrate the start of the moving and magnificent bi-annual Newport Bermuda Race as the regatta vessels arrive at the starting line at Castle Hill lighthouse (stay tuned for a Part 2 where I tell professional sporting spectators like myself everything you need to know on that topic), and for virtually every reason I can think of to be out of the house, frankly.

If you are visiting, even if you do not plan to stay at the Inn, I suggest making certain you get a chance to enjoy a cocktail or lunch on the hill. And if you are considering staying or marrying there, below is a bit of what you have to look forward to while enjoying the same views Jackie Kennedy did while spending summers at Hammersmith Farm, just a couple of steps away...

Now, admittedly, I am a Northeastern baby and I am partial to a tradtional nautical style and summery spots where you still need a sweater to protect you from the occasionally chilly ocean breezes. This is my Newport... every time I see these rooms and I imagine the summer breeze on hill through the windows it seems a room could not get any more perfect than these.

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