Thursday, February 12, 2009

Here's looking at you

The truth about mimosas and drinks consisting of champagne and fruit juices or puree is that the glassware is always all wrong. I would love it to work in a champagne flute stem but the truth is, the average flute is 7.5 ounces and the average straight champagne or cocktail pour into such a glass is 6 ounces. Now, split that with an equal part fruit and you have yourself a large sip of champagne in the glass.

Where martini glasses have become obnoxiously enormous, champagne glasses, whether they be flute or saucer, have not changed in available volume. Demand is not great enough, possibly.

This is a brunch challenge for the Hostess. Too small a glass for the cocktail means too many repours and not enough time to serve and chat. I have put out a champagne bar however, the cocktail then needs to be very straightforward and easily mixable by everyone, some of my great recipes just are not. Premixing them breaks the first rule of champagne cocktails: allowing the champagne to linger mixed will deplete the bubbles.

I could serve the cocktails in much larger, broader glasses but sleekness is key to the champagne game for me so I don't want a honking big double old fashioned glass. Come on, someone throw me a bone here. I just need a larger flute.

I have been on this hunt for years and occasionally in the revisiting, I come across something (still not fitting my need) which is splendid and get waylaid for a bit. That is what happened here:

Martha Stewart Weddings

I try not to become fixated on things I cannot locate (after hours and hours of surfing and yogurt imbibing at this screen, that is), but once in a great while I find an object so unusual - and in this case, fun - that I will hunt the thing through internet hill and dale. Sadly, it turns out no level of web aptitude, sorcery, or outright trickery of the magazine which published this photo to begin with will yield me the product information on this stem.

I imagine that it was published originally with shopping info, the whole world saw the picture, and no fewer than 80 blog posts were generated on this glass but it is all in what you call it and it may be long enough ago that I it was while I was still workie workie all the live long day and had no time for bamboo-inspired stemware - or blogs, for that matter. Those were dark, dark days.

But back to the glass: I have deemed it a peerless stem for all manner of the good life in a glass. Righty-o, then. There she is above in all her glory. I beg of you - who made it? Where is it retailing?

While I did not locate the glass I wanted, I found other intriguing styles which I share with you now. Once again, they will not solve my problem but they are lookers. Just in time for Valentine's.

Tortoise Champagne Glass, Steuben Glass at Geary's, Beverly Hills

Denby Oyster, Carolina Rustica

Baccaract, Mille Nuits

Ralph Lauren, Foster Flute, Trendir

Selma Flute,

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