Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Bamboo luggage rack, Mid Century Antiques via 1st Dibs.

Could be too many years running in and out of hotel rooms that causes me to feel a guest room should have a luggage rack. Look. I have a strict policy on this luggage thing in my own life: I never, never ever put a suitcase on a bed as in this photo of a luggage rack.

Pottery Barn, Rattan Luggage Rack

I would arrive in this fashion and place a luggage rack in the guest room of my home for the same reason: No airport or car trunk filth where I sleep...

Photo: Plaid overkill via Country Living


Oh, well. There was the flood in Venice. I watched in horror as my bags were thoughtlessly unloaded at the Danieli directly into a foot of water rising from the Venice Lagoon. Here is the lagoon on a lovely day. You can just imagine what two days of rain might bring however...

Several trips to Jakarta where the bags were dragged through random trash (not the cleanest destination on the planet) leaving the airport. Just as an example of the issue, that is smog hanging over Jakarta on an regular day, it is as thick as a wall. So much for aesthetic and hygienic city management:

On my bags are the scars of countless journeys through out-lying areas of Asia, Central America, and the Caribbean where they were rarely in my site, which is probably for the best. Then there is the general cleanliness issues of any airport or cargo hold (show horses are transported to competitions and sales on trans-Atlantic commercial passenger jets just like doggies and other prized pets, just fyi).

Just a little something to think about the next time one considers to throw their suitcase on a bed: That thing has been around, and not in a good way. Okay, Pals?

Sure, some luggage racks can be things of beauty but if they are to be utilized, I try not to get too fussy about it: Keep it attractive enough to be open in the guest room if the guest chooses, utilitarian enough to fit in the closet or fold up into it, and reasonable enough to be replaced if need be (some people travel with their rock collection, I surmise). This one, for example:

Dark Walnut finish luggage rack, Gracious Home

And, you know, if it is not used for active luggage handling, why, it could make a lovely display for an vintage piece of Louis Vuitton. Failing all that, I also find a second one hanging around (which has not ever been used for luggage) to be a lovely place to rest a morning coffee tray for the guest outside their door: Right, we don't wheel around hotel food service carts in our homes. At least, not yet.

I love this idea and will in future when said case is located (or surrendered, ah-hem Mother) perch the vintage suit or makeup case atop a luggage rack with the guests towels, toiletries, and a little gift:

This will work nicely at home in Florida:

News in this regard: While hunting for mine today, I found luggage racks in four finishes, including the walnut and this white above, are now 50% off at the Gracious Home sale, follow the links under the photos.


Pigtown-Design said...

Love the bathroom image. What a good idea.

columnist said...

A very good reminder about where one's luggage has been. But not only that luggage, but bags in general; I cringe when people put their assorted carriers on my white silk chairs. Any fabric should be avoided, but there's more chance of the lighter colours taking on chameleon-like qualities.

teaorwine said...

While furnishing my condo in Florida, I placed two luggage racks in each guest room...no dressers. Works out great!