Monday, December 8, 2008

The Trouble with Doing the Food Yourself

Is really that it affects your ability to take pictures for your kind readers, I have discovered. In any event, here are a few with more to follow here and at Blushing Hostess in the days to come. If those kind souls in attendance wish to volunteer their photos as well, I would be very grateful.

Here is a brief overview in photos of the party this past weekend:

The dining room buffet about 15 minutes before the appointed hour.

My hip 1950's-era grilled pineapple and bacon creature. I love him still.

I love olives, bar garnishes, and small nibbles in martini glasses for two reasons:
1. They look swank, airy, and creative.
2. Every set of martini glasses has suffered breakage. This makes great use of those that remain.
I love to mix stemmed and unstemmed martini glasses for varied presentation heights of like objects: Nuts. Small crudites. Dips. Olives.

The rosemary skewers. Bane of the Hostesses pre-party prep.

That is the photo update for today. I have settled on doing a couple of interesting
projects regarding this party at Blushing Hostess as well as passing along the recipes we enjoyed. Namely, I will forward my menu to local caterers to get their
cost for the same party. Secondly, I will advise you, as closely as I am able the cost and time involved in the food for this party. You can decide for yourself whether, in your book, it is worth the effort for you to try your hand at this yourself. See you there.

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Culinarywannabe said...

What a beautiful spread and decorations! I'm sure your guests had a lovely time. I'm curious to see what the cost estimate will be had it been catered vs doing it yourself.