Sunday, October 5, 2008

Prized pillows

During a bright fall afternoon visit to shop at Yves Delorme, I began to shamelessly covet their new line of pillows. It may look like needlepoint, but it is a far more modern and magnificent woven in fact. The coloration's are fresh in tonality and painstakingly considered against endless Pantone cards, it seems. The yarns have brilliant, sparkling luster. And reasonable! I dare say, for pillows of this quality, they are something of a singular lovely in their market at around $135.
You can order these directly from the remarkable group at Yves Delorme, Savannah, reaching them at 912-232-3563 or, even better, see the store in person, at 134 Whitaker Street. Speak for Angela or Jim. Or, if you really must completely forgo the human aspects of mutually admiring a quality piece of linen work, you could, I suppose, retreat to a dark, anti-social corner and order them anonymously from their website.

I am afraid these photos not do them justice so you will have to go by a store and see them for yourself.

And consider this a photo of my Christmas wishlist (I thought of *Visual* Vamps* recent post on animals in decor and smiled):

And! Fabulous laminate trays to go with the birdcages but I am keeping those in my pocket for another day!

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