Friday, October 31, 2008

Distracting the Hostess

Your Hostess has been busy as a bee with a Bedford bob trying to complete two posts which I considered essential to continuing this whole Hostess thing we have going here and in the process of said sincere pursuit, I was sidetracked by these lovely place settings from Horchow (issues prevent these from being any larger, please proceed to Horchow's link below).

Seasonal Birds,, $320 four piece place setting

One thing the Hostess loves to see in any type of design work at the holidays is when designers and stylists bust our their Pantone color books and look for slightly less likely red and green tones than the traditional Christmas-y bores of both those shades. I love that the green here has gone a bit mossy and the red has turned a bit dark. Against polished woods, this looks new and traditional all at once: As all things belonging a blushing hostess or dashing host should be, in the Hostesses humble estimation.

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Easy and Elegant Life said...

I tend to go with the gold and white china during the Holidays. Except for Christmas breakfast when I break out the Christmas Spode.