Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Something to wear

It has not been the easiest pre-holiday season from which to pick new looks. Could be that I am not jazzed about the dark colors and gladiator looks. Could be that any moment the baby bump will make an appearance and I would not mind a little extra room this year. Could also be that I am more excited by this seasons home decorating palettes than those for apparel (I wish I would say this was a first.) I nosed around here and there and have begrudgingly come up with some cute things for me... I mean, for any hostess.

I warn you: I believe in dresses. Deeply.

BR Monogram Deep Highland Purple Silk Tiered Dress (sans gladiator or lace up shoes, The Hostess's least fave fall trends).

Lilly Pulitzer, The Bexley Dress, splashofpink.com , I love this dress though the color has me wondering if it is best held for Resort...

Banana Republic, Graphic Silk Shift Dress .Cute mid-pregnancy cloaking device.

Tulle and Organza Dress, Oscar de la Renta, Saks Fifth Avenue. I will sleep in this dress. Also, I will clean, make calls, and attend bridge parties and tennis. Forever.

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