Saturday, September 13, 2008

A serving idea The Hostess loves

How about soup for your next cocktail party? Tiny compotes for dessert, possibly? I am seeing this idea around now, which I love: Tartlette's blog has these gorgeous mini-desserts in small cups, I was wondering about them and then my wonderment ceased! Martha Stewart's website has photos of the cocktail party for the Emeril merger: The soup was served in votive candle holders sans spoons! Love it.

Now, you can buy a more costly votive in which to serve your Gazpacho at your next soiree if you really want to....

Anthropologie, $6 each

Pier 1, $1

Or you can go to Christmas Tree Shop and get two for $1, or your local restaurant supply (mine has them for .65) place a small bread stick over the top of each glass if the soup merits and move on to some greater mini-food serving struggle. Do not even think of spoons! What would you use, Dahling - a demitasse spoon? Oh, no, no... too much trouble for too little return for the guests.

Warning: Do this only with cold soups, Dear. Or catastrophe will ensue...

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