Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Now, here is a thought

Brought to us by new fave collector, Dragonfly: Were it not enough to have do out do one another every year on centerpieces for a table at the Hampton Classic Grand Prix, you could... you know... use Hermes scarves as napkins (ugh! there I typed it, but I didn't want to). I for one would gasp and faint dead away and, after I was revived in semi-dramatic but always elegant fashion (Britney Spears, take some notes here, sister), not touch a stitch of food but get myself involved in enough of the stiff stuff to forget everthing I had seen! Oh, the disrespect of wiping anything but tears on an Hermes scarf (while standing in the rain in front of George V in Paris - shouldn't all bad news be received in this scene? I mean, it is already bad and after all, how much worse do things really need to get?). No, no, okay, for a theme only, I would go for Canal Street copies for napkins but I could not stomach the real silk, hand-printed and rolled pieces as... napkins.

On a serious note, I have loved these masterpieces since my sweet Mother brought back my very first scarf from France when I was seventeen. It took me a little time to understand the mastery which lived in the orange and brown box. But as I lived and worked in fashion, and long before it became the nonsense of Devil Wears Prada, I kept one of those fine scarves tied to the
handle of handbag or forever in a pocket. I still have one tucked around my neck whenever the wind blows. There are warmer fibers, no scarf as warm as those my Mom gave me. Just a note from a veteran of the well-dressed and coiffed trenches...

And I heartily agree with Dragonfly on Hermes placesettings; some are show-stoppingly extraordinary!

And as I side note on a blog I enjoy (and oops, forgot to mention): Visual Vamp, who I suspected was a swank girl who can be found in good spots, worked with Robbins Wolfe Eventeurs, VIP Caters to the Hampton Classic Horse Show - and now all good things have come full circle.

Welcome to two very stylish new friends...

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