Sunday, September 14, 2008

Let's go desk shopping!

Okay, it does not directly effect my guests that I do not have a proper and appropriate desk from which to rule the world. However, what effects The Hostess, effects the onlookers/innocent bystanders, aka, you... so...

BTW, did you catch The Office episode where Jan and Michael had everyone over for osso bucco? Perfect! Okay, back on message here, Pals... Desks! What do you think?, The Brentwood Desk

Tonichome.come, The Langham Desk

The mere fact that this gorgeous antiquity is currently owned by a 1st Dibs dealer calling himself "Fat Chance," is imtimidating. My current favorite, it is made of fossilized (!) coral (!) over wood! They should not have harvested that coral in the first place but since they did, shouldn't it fall into good stewardship?

Here is a piece from David Duncan Antiques here in New York. Ummm, I think I would need a live-in make up artist if I was ever going to sit at this desk, no?

Italian desk, Colleen & Co. I can sit at this and shuffle papers about while wistfully gazing upon my (imaginary) palazzo.

Pottery Barn, The Wright Desk

Wisteria, Louis XV Desk Wisteria, Royal Console

Oh, what to do?

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