Friday, November 17, 2017

I have no words. Literally. None.

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In all the mistakes which will be made in home decor, perhaps the most painful, the hardest to remove, and the least helpful, are words.

And, isn't that always the way? Words hurt, friends. They scar. My eyes and the walls. So, this is a last desperate appeal for sanity - from your shelter itself. If you must, and I implore you to think long and hard - to drink too many fruity cocktails and become hungover, then consider it the guilty darkness of the morning after - about whether a message needs scrawled on the wall of your home.

This is the argument against wall decals and painted messages: It. Is. Tasteless.

The well appointed home speaks for itself. The walls do not need to tell me the family loves to "Gather here, friends," it is a home, and so, duh. "Dance in the rain," tells me you support ruinous behavior towards your shoes and trust me, I don't care. And finally, "A house filled with love," is a half-truth or lie of omission at best. In fact, your house is filled with an entire range of human emotions, is it not? Let's be real. And tasteful.

For a moment thought, let me envision adorning the walls with truth if we must put decals and signage in place of art or photos, Ah, yes, indulge the Hostess.

In the bathroom: "Doesn't clean itself! Let's wipe down the sinks  - with love and peace"

In the living room: "Fold the throws and refluff the pillows while we love one another"

In the bedroom: "Cold sheets but full of LOVE LOVE LOVE"

In the kitchen: "We cook with spills and cusses and love and peace"

And the family room: "GATHER for family dysfunction and post-cleaning naps"

If you must have words interrupting the beauty and calm of a well dressed home, then, let's have it on a rotating and changeable sign. Perhaps with lighted arrows? Because if you're going, you should, you really should, go all the way.

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